Chess pieces and Chess Sets- Ancient Greek theme

Another thing one can make with clay is chess pieces. I was unable to make a chess board, of course, so my uncle did that for me. Here is a picture of the first game I played with this set, today. It is an ancient Greek themed chess set:

As you may be able to see, I was somewhat pressed (I am on the right), however, my king was rather better barricaded than my oppponent’s king. However, my opponent did have control of a large part of the board, thanks to my partial inactivity, largely on my left flank. The attack from my left was abandoned in favour of an attack to my right, the king’s side. I countered with my own attack to my right (my opponent’s left), however I was one move too slow and got a checkmate.
oh, well.
Here are the pieces:

(I shaprened them and gave them a small glow effect, to make them look better, because the light wasn’t too good)

no glow needed here, the light was better, and this image includes some extra pieces I had made, trying to get the whole thing up to scale. I did sharpen the image, though.

I will try to put up some individual images at some later point.


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