Byzantine Themed Chess set

This is a WIP of a Byzantine themed chess set (the previous one was ancient Greek).
After some thought, I made the bishop and a couple of rooks:

It seems one of the rooks is rather too large, and the other needs some work, despite being painted and all. We’ll see. I was rather satisfied with the way the bishop came out.

And here is the first pawn:

This is meant to be one of the “centre pawns”. I am planning to do a different stance for the others, which will be rather more “relaxed”.

An update on the set:

Bishop and pawn (central pawn)

a Knight (I opted for heavy cataphract cavalry, scale mail for both horse and rider).

bishop’s pawn (right) next to central pawn (left). The brown color is just me not having primed it properly. It actually doesn’t show if you just look at it, but a close-up picture with flash will reveal that sort of stuff… 😛


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