Fantasy miniatures-Barbarian

A friend of mine plays Diablo quite fanatically, and I decided to make a Barbarian for her. I was rather lazy about it, so it took me quite some time.
Here are some photographs I kept from the process:

Early stage of development, I have done the skeleton and torso and leg muscles, but haven’t worked on arms yet

At this stage, arms and head are still left out, because I was still thinking about the stance (they play a crucial role) and being satisfied with the way the torso and legs came out, I didn’t want to rush it. Hands are also something that I use to hold on to when i am working on a miniature, though lately I tend not to use a skeleton, except to make the joints, which adds some movement to the miniature (more on that later, in a section that will deal with miniatures I intend to use for gaming).
Below is the mini with it’s head on:

i decided to go for a “battlecry shouting” face, (which pretty much determined how I would place the hands). It doesn’t show too much at this stage, because the miniature is not painted yet

Above you can see the primed and painted (up to a point) mini. I also added the arms. To make them, I use a combination of adding parts (eg the bicep was added on, not sculpted) and sculpting (the deltoid (if I am not mistaken) muscle, above the bicep was first added, and then sculpted in order to give it some more detail)
The hands of course, are still missing, there is quite a bit of detail and effort when working on the hands, which can sometimes be avoided, to some extent when you place a glove or gauntlet on the hand.

Having made some bits of armor (I decided that a proper barbarian should have bits and pieces of various armor types, mostly scavenged from fallen foes) I decided to put some on him, to see what goes where. There was a plan, originally, to put a “scorpion” shoulder guard, but the scorpion came out too large, and thus I abandoned it, not wanting the barbarian to look like a pirate with a parrot.

Below you see some more armor parts (true, the chainmail full arm guard was inspired by the recent Conan movie :P)

i also opted for a left-arm right leg type of “symmetry”, because barbarian or not, he should look symmetrical.

Further more, there is a long shot and a close up on the barb, at a later stage of development of the armor. I added an “eagle” chest piece, held on with chains (it’s actually very easy to make chains using wire)

I also decided to give him a “leopard skin”, in the fashion of Hercules:

The leopard skin is removable, of course. Somehow I didn’t feel that another type of headpiece (ie a helm) would look too good with that type of armor.

And it was about time he got some offensive weapons. Early on, I had decided that he would do a double wield, since being a barbarian is all about aggression. Sword and axe sounded good:

Again, you might hear some Conan echoes, here. 😛

And here is an unpainted version of the axe:

and a painted one:

And here is the barbarian, armed and ready for battle:

And that was my version of a Diablo -ish barbarian. ;P


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