Dark Elf Diorama

This was done some years ago, for a friend who played World of Warcraft and had a Dark Elf (I think this was the term he used). Anyway, i was asked to create a miniature of the character,and having been given a photograph of it, I decided to make a small diorama of it.
Back then I used to create the miniatures with the full-wire skeleton system, for full details on how that works, please see the “Thracian warrior” in the “historical miniatures” section of the blog.
I am, therefore, showing first a picture of the head, but that is not to say that I started off with the head, but rather I made the skeleton first, then the naked body of the Dark Elf on that skeleton, and then the armor (it’s supposed to be leather) on the body. After that I made the head, and last, the arms (the arms give you something to hold on to, not to mention that they play a very important role in the stance.

Here is the head, in black background.

And here is the head attached to the body.

Here are the various tages of creating a mantle, creating the faction symbol, and adding the belt, the knife sheaths, and the shoulder guard of the right hand:

And here are some images of the complete (without his knives, though) Dark elf:

For the diorama, I had planned a nocturnal expedition of the dark elf, during which he would be stalked by (and stalking) a large feline, in the ruins of a city. Rather ambitious perhaps; let’s see how it played out:
Here is the feline that is the opponent of the Dark Elf for the night:

And here is the stalking feline on the ruins of some mysterious megalithic wall :P:

And here is how the drama plays out:
Our dark hero is walking in the ruins of a mysterious city, stalking his prey…

little does he know…

that he is also being stalked…

What will happen? 😛

(yes, that picture was taken in the bath, the light was much better :)).


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