Dark Paladin (or rather, making the armor of a Dark Paladin)

I indended this to be one of my playable Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. As a result I wanted to make it so that the armor the miniature would wear would be removable. Consequently, if the player decided that the miniature should at some point change armor, this would be visible in the game, rather than have the player just hold on to a card, and just move the same miniature around. I decided to make a paladin, which would mean making heavy armor. I chose aluminum foil for this task.
The reasons I did this were 1) the fact that aluminum foil is flexible (and therefore the player would be able to remove the armor of the mini and put it back on with minimum risk of something breaking in the process) 2) the fact that it is relatively easy to manipulate and 3) the simple fact that it is easy to obtain and cheap and therefore I could experiment freely.
As usual, this is not a “step-by-step” photographic diary.

Having completed the actual miniature, it was time to start making its armor. the first thing I did was cut a single piece of aluminum foil papaer, which was used as the “basis” upon which the upper part of the armor was to be glued:

The hands, however, presented a different task. Although it was possible to make a “sleeve” upon which I would glue strips or “armor” I considered it a better option to glue a piece of wire on the “base”, which would be the length of the whole arm. Using this piece of wire as “base” I glued strips of “armor” on that, instead. i did this to obtain better flexibility for the armor, in case I wanted to put it on another miniature, with a different pose. Here is how it looked:

I then included the shoulder guards and a breast plate guard (which didn’t really come out the way I wanted it to):

I repeated the same process for the lower part of the armor. The knee guards were made of clay.
All strips of armor consisted of bits of aluminum foil paper which I first crumpled (in order for it to obtain some “mass”) and then compressed, in order to smoothen it. Further “smoothening” was obtained by means of heavy paint coating (black).
Here is an image of the armor (upper and lower parts) next to a human fighter (yes, he is the same guy from the grey render) 😀

The helmet was made entirely of pieces of clay, glued together on a base of aluminum foil. I added some chain mail (I actually used a material called tuli, it’s a piece of cloth used to wrap wedding candy, it looks like very very thin wire mesh, now I know that actual very thin wire mesh (the type you put on top of a frying pan when it’s cooking, in order to avoid oil from the pan splattering around) is much better for the task of removable miniature chain mail.
Here is the completed version of the miniature:

I added the sword (of course) with chain, and a “demon grin” shield, which was again aluminum foil base, covered in clay. I was unaware of the dry brushing techique at the time, so the “teeth” didn’t come out right. I might repaint it, though.

Here is the paladin with some other miniatures that I’ve made. He is the most recent one among them.

And here is the paladin outside his armor 😛


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