Dungeons and Dragons Dragonborn miniature making

Making a Dungeons and Dragons-type Dragonborn was another challenge. Much like the case of the monk, I was interested in an even more “dynamic” type of miniature, ie one that could, to an extend change not only armor, but also poses. Linking the joints of the arms and legs with wire (that is, hollowing them out and then using pieces of wire to join them) should, in theory provide for the ability to change poses. However, most of the joints proved weak, particularly the ones in the knees, as they seemed unable to support the weight of the miniature. Arms tended to gradually drop off, to my dismay. Up to a point, this problem was solved with the addition of two or three interwined pieces of wire. However, it was hard to keep a balance between near unbendable joints (which would potentially break the clay they were in, when an attempt was made to change a pose) and weak, dropping joints.
I kept a rather poor record of this miniature, as well, yet I’ll try to show some different poses.

A rather early stage. At this point, I made the torso and the head. This was rather unorthodox in comparison to my previous technique (see Thracian Warrior, era of Alexander), where the head was the last thing to make. Furthermore, this miniature does not have a wire skeleton, with the wire existing only in the joints:

This “bust” has holes for the arms.

Here is the complete (unpainted) version of the Dragonborn:

You can see the wire in the thumb 9the only moving part of the hand, as well as the pieces in the joints. I used aluminum foil paper for the nails/claws to prevent breakage. After all, this is meant to be a gaming miniature.
As you can probably see, the wires had the rather nasty side effect of adding size to the miniature, which is rather large, at 6 cm.

Various stages of completion of the armor. I opted for bronze, since it is a great metallic color in my view:

You can also see the skull mace next to the miniature. Rather intimidating, I would say.

And the back. The back side of the armor is made to resemble dragon wings. At least that was what I was trying to represent:

A couple of images of the dragonborn fully decked out:

pants “chainmail” is actually wire mesh, I should have completely covered it first, though, and then added the knee and shin guards. As it is, it looks patched up.

And a dragonborn two handed sword:

Here he is in a different stance:

and here, he is wielding his greatsword (two handedly of course, since, dragonborn or not, such a weapon takes two hands to wield)


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