Grey Render

Another one of my projects that I didn’t keep a very good and detailed photographic record of, but would still like to share with you is my attempt at making a grey render for dnd gaming. This is a miniature that i mean to use at gaming, therefore I tried to keep it to a ‘working” size, ie to make it look compatible with any other miniatures for dnd gaming there may be on the table.
So, originally, my thought was to have him in the same pose as the normal grey render minis one can find, (his left hand bent) however, I didn’t think that this pose was scary enough. So I made a pose where he just stretches out both hands, as if attempting to keep an opponent from escaping to the left or right. here is the pose:

And here is the back:

I put a significant amount of effort on making the muscles on its hand and shoulders, since this is where a Grey render’s strength is supposed to be.
Its spine is jutting out as the creature is supposed to be stooped.

And here it is, left hand completed. A human warrior seems to be trying to sneak up on the render, though πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

And here is the back of the render (the human warrior seems to be in trouble, though, it’s on to him :P)

Here is the finished version of the render, I added the eyes (all six of them) and tried to give it a darker shade of grey on its shoulders and back, and a lighter to its belly and lower half of the arms.

and some more pics:


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