Gryphon Rider

a while back I decided to make a large gryphon with a rider. I wanted to do something like a bird for quite some time, and it turned up to be a really enjoyable task.

Original appearance of the gryphon, he has no wings yet, and I have only made the feathers of the neck. I was still trying to decide how far the feathers would go, and where the tiger fur would begin. Notice the wires in the place of the wings, I was just marking the areas, and setting the “base” for them. I used some aluminum foil paper in the same way one would put the sails on a sailing boat, in order to reduce weight

here is another image of the gryphon at a later point of development:

You can see that I have begun adding fur to the rear left thigh, and have “defined” the boundaries of the feathers.
Here is a different angle:

gryphon complete with fur:

And a couple of close-ups:

The Gryphon, now painted:

I’ve also used some varnish, to make him look better and avoind getting too much dust on it. Now it was time for the rider:

here is an image of the rider, almost complete (I need to apologize here for not keeping a very good step-by-step photographic diary of the work):

it was pretty much a matter of first making the figure naked, and then gradually “dressing” it with very thin layers which I formed into chainmail. I them added the “plate”. I worked on the helmet in a similar fashion.

Above you see a detail of the legs, where I attempted to make “eagle head” knee guards with “wings” as greaves.

Here is the final work, completed:

and some details:

It took me about one month or so, but I felt it was worth it. 🙂


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