Monk with moving arms

Before the Dragonborn, my first attempt at completely changing the structure of the miniatures was a monk. I made this choice, because the monk wears no armor, and therefore it would be simpler to make, as I would not have to take into account the armor in the movements he would make. Another reason was that the monk, being a martial artist, is by definition a more “mobile” character.

This is the original image of the monk when it was first assembled. You can see that the arms have two joints from which they can theoretically move (I say theoretically because it takes two or three pieces of wire to keep them in place against gravity once a change in posture is completed), and that the hands are also made entirely out of wire, in order to obtain maximum flexibility.

Unfortunately, the hands came out somewhat long, a result of my failyre to factor in the degree by which they would be extended due to the presence of the wires.

I attempted to give a similar flexibility to the legs, as I originally intended the miniature to be able to perform kicks, as well.
A couple of painted versions of the monk, i decided to add some tattoos to the front and back, since there was no armor at all (just to give it some sort of character):

As usual, the feet are quite messy.

here is an image of the monk, dressed. The pants are just aluminum foil, on which I glued some cotton handkerchief to make them look like cotton (plain aluminum foil would look like leather). I used the aluminum because the material has “memory”, ie when you give it a shape, it retains it.
I intended the monk to assume a hand to hand combat posture here.

Left handed nuntchaku use:

Right handed nuntchaku use, with the position change ability (bear in mind that the more this is used, the more there is a risk of breakage of the joint wires, though):

Unfortunately, though, only the elbow joints are mobile.


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