Dwarf Berserker

Another option for a dwarven warrior would be a berserker. Dwarves are renowned for their combat skills and short tempers, making a berserker a formiddable opponent indeed. As is the case with many berserkers, he wears no armor, and he does not hesitate to further decrease his defensive capabilities by double-wielding instead of using a shield.
This specific miniature has removable arms, and therefore the weapons and (to an extend) the stance can change. I deliberately made the arms removable, because I am planning to cast copies of this specific mini at some point, and am beggining to be aware of the limits of casting.
I started, once again with the head:

twisted, as it were in a snarl/shout or something like that.

The physique should be very muscular (and no, he didn’t pee his pants, that’s just glue there):) :

Because at the time I hadn’t made up my mind on removable arms (i was planning on glueing them on), I decided to do some more work on the waist before going on to the legs. His feet look like he’s wearing slippers, atm, but this is so because I hadn’t finished making proper boots:

Early stage of development of the arms. The difficulty here was to do something to keep them attached. What worked was a piece of toothpick lodged in the armpit holes, and then the arm literally built on that piece, to make sure that the arm will fit the shoulder. I changed from a toothpick to plastic later:

and a view of the side:

Here is the dwarf with his left hand weapon, a warhammer with a “skull face” and some runes:

The arm seems somewhat long, although I think dwarves are supposed to have long arms. I reduced the arm’s size as best as I could, now the next step would be to slightly increase leg size.

Here is a side view:

And a view from the other side:

And a somewhat better look at the runes, or at least my attempt at them:

Done with the hand and the waraxe. It looks as though he is trying to clash the weapons together in anger and/or an attempt to frighten his opponent:

Complete and painted:

and with a different flash:

And some scenery (and work on the eyes):


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