Mounted Clivanarius 6th century AD.

At some point, I decided to make a mounted version of the Byzantine heavy cavalryman, because I thought that this is the proper representation of a heavy horseman. I therefore made an attempt at the mounted version, having the experience of cavalry from my previous work on the chess:

The lance, remains of course, the weapon of choice for any cavalryman, due to the fact that it can add the full force and weight of a charging horse behind the thrust. However, the clivanaruis would also have a spatha (cavalry sword) for use when the lance broke. I did not add a bow to this one, although these professional soldiers would definitely know how to use a composite bow (although they might do that dismounted for greater stability, since they were not mongols to shoot from horseback).

I was at a loss for the horse’s “facial” armor, and seemed to have messed up on that one (at least). Anyway, the horse is as well protected as the rider, which would enable the rider to attack massed infantry relatively safely, I assume.


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