Various Decorations

This page is about various decorations, some of which can be used to decorate a Christmas tree. Others can be used to decorate a window, or other area where there is light (I prefer metallic colours, which tend to show well in light).

The above are mainly Christmas decorations. (Yes, those are DnD dice that I am using as support). 😛

Some more, and (IMHO) somewhat better.

A full array ;P
(some playable minis can be seen in the back, along with some chess pieces (more on that later)

A barren tree on a multi(metallic) colored rock. Maybe a bit pessimistic as a theme, but I couldn’t think of a way to “match” foliage with these colors. It seemed more appropriate like that.

And back to a more festive mood, a man from the fifties-sixties, perhaps, having a drop after work (his clothes look as though he had been painting houses):

A church from my homecity:

Some flowers:

Some more flowers 😛

And since we are in the “nature” mode…

24 January 2013.
Here is an ancient Greek theme for a friend who asked for it:

Looks like I am going to have to work on the column mostly, (this was the first one I ever made). Other than that, I may have to place some material to link the column with it’s base, because it doesn’t look too natural in the closeup.
And yes, the “scar” on the helm’s right eye was inspired from the movie. :P.


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