Decoration consisting of Hoplite arms and armor

The concept of the corinthian helmet on the doric column gave me the idea to expand upon this, and create a full set of weapons and armor. I decided to start with the hoplon shield, the main weapon of the Greek hoplite:

It didn’t go as I planned it to. In fact, after I finished with the meanders I started making the head, half thinking that I would not make the rest of the body. However, upon finishing with the head, I realized that it was too off center to actually leave it at that, so I was forced to make the resti of the body. I made several anatomical mistakes, because I did not bother to look at lion images until after I had finished with that, and I had to double my efforts in order to try to correct them. Anyway, at least the colors came out as they should.

The corinthian helmet is ready. I decided to make an officer’s helmet, because it is much more impressive than the hoplite’s.

And here it is painted, along with the shield. Of course the shield would normally have a lion (if it would have one) painted on it, rather than sculpted on it, but I don’t feel too confident with my painting abilities. This (plus the dori spear) is what I intend it to look like. The helmet will sit atop a column (doric) and the shield (and spear) will lean on it as shown in this image.

and here is the finished item:

and rear, some detail on the inside of the shield, mostly, and the column that supports the helmet and the spear.


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