Roman Eagle and Shield Decoration

I decided to make a decoration similar to the hoplite shield helmet and spear. Its theme, however, would be Roman instead of Greek. Right now I am considering a shield, a couple of pila and definitely a Roman Eagle standard. Here is some early work on the shield (imperial era):

As we can see, it begins simply enough. It’s just one rectangular piece of clay that was placed on the side of a jar or bottle, to give it its characteristic inward curve.
Image 2 demonstrates the outer “rim” of the shield, upon which i attempted to depict some wear and tear/battle damage. On image 3 we have the shield boss, and on 4 we have the characteristic wings (not too successful, though).

The shield is pretty much done:

18 July 2013
Updating the paintjob on the scutum as well as a gladius I made to go with it.


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